Founder & Inspirator

Luc De Smet


Luc De Smet graduated in linguistics and literature (Leuven).  He then went on to graduate from the theater school of Jacques Lecoq (Paris) and has worked as an actor and author as well as giving many workshops in Belgium and abroad.  Since founding De Kleine Academie in 1986 he he has led the pedagogical and artistic direction of the school.



“I am fascinated by everything that moves around us and primarily the everyday behaviour of our human race, the means through which we try to capture the world in all sorts of language and art particularly in theatre and literature. 

The starting point: movement and play to observe the world with precise and eager attention, to mirror and mould it, re-invent it in the illusion and magic of the stage. Inventing the appropriate pedagogical tools to allow the actor to develop as an authentic and creative artist is the core task of our teaching at De Kleine Academie.”