movement and play

Nader Farman

Nader Farman has a degree in Theatre from the University of Colorado in Boulder(USA), where he was a student of British playwright Arnold Wesker. He plays in repertory theatre (Shakespeare, Tchekhov…) and then follows the school of Jacques Lecoq in Paris which leads him to exploring less conventional theatrical forms: one man show, street theatre, burlesque, clown, collaboration as a writer / actor for cinema. (Kieslovski, Soutter, Cohen …) He has always paralleled his work as an actor with teaching and coaching actors in many workshops.

“To awaken the actor’s own potential to play and create his/her own poetic theatricality, defining a personal style, that’s where it’s all about. At the core of this work is the body, potentially able to mirror the world, by an infinite variety of sensations and movements, to re-enact it, to deform and remodel it … as eventually every art form does.”